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Alvi Books is a registered publishing brand, of Anglo-Spanish origin, founded by entirely family capital, producer of cultural, informative, educational and entertainment content, mainly for Spanish-speaking markets. It is a successful online publisher in Europe and Latin America, and has a prominent presence among the main co-publishing labels in Europe.

Created in Gerona as the Svafor Academy and the promotion of low-cost direct sales of courses in digital format, it was renamed Editorial Planeta Alvi, Ltd. in 2014 and quickly established itself as a prestigious brand with the ability to combine tradition and the future, incorporating the sale of works in printed format. In 2018 it changed its commercial strategy and with it also its commercial name to the current Editorial Alvi Books. In 2024 it moves its headquarters to New York City, in the United States.

Since its expansion in the printed publishing sector, to which it has been incorporating select illustrated editorial classics from the Spanish-speaking market, it has projected itself into new business areas, new products, new media and new markets.

Today, Editorial Alvi Books' publications are present in more than two hundred countries and has a potential audience of more than seven hundred million people for its works published in Spanish. It has the collaboration of fifty publishing distributors, who bring together the most prominent authors of classical and contemporary literature. In addition, it has undertaken e-commerce initiatives and the distribution of its products through large internet distribution platforms.

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